Our Mission

Momoso delivers global e-commerce to your mobile. We are a one-stop shopping platform where the best things in the world are only a few taps away. We connect shoppers the world over with the best and most exciting brands and retailers. Find. Favorite. Buy.

We are powered by the idea that access is for everyone.

Meet our Team

Our team spans the globe, hailing from top universities including Princeton, Carnegie Mellon,
Sun Yat-Sen and Tsinghua University.

In their previous lives, they were stars at Google, Yahoo, WeChat, Baidu, Tencent, JD,
and Goldman Sachs — now they are changing the world at Momoso.

  • fong
    FongFounder & CEO
    Fong is a real-life rocket scientist. He did rocket science at a major U.S. national laboratory with a Nobel Prize nominee. After he recognized the opportunity for cross-border e-commerce, he founded Momoso to revolutionize the retail industry.
  • fong
    LauraCFO & Head of BD
    After graduating from Princeton University, Laura worked at Goldman Sachs in NYC and HK for five years doing the program trading gig. Now she brings her passion for finance and tech to Momoso in order to change the world.
  • fong
    HengHead of Big Data
    Heng is an ex-Googler and ACM champion. His deep knowledge of data science has allowed him to reshape Momoso's data platform from behind the scenes. Data mining is his forte.
  • fong
    LococoFront-end Web Developer
    Lococo is capable of making technology its own aesthetic. Smooth, solid and efficient user experience is his modus operandi.
  • fong
    LingwahFashion Editor
    Attracted by the slogan "work hard play hard", Lingwah joined Momoso to live life to the fullest.

Work Environment

Momoso is headquartered in New York City and Shenzhen - China's very own Silicon Valley. Our office is furnished with modern and comfortable workspaces and features top-of-the-line equipment. With an entertainment room for relaxing, a balcony for a moment of peace, and a great collaborative office atmosphere.

Momoso is a super hub for creativity and innovation.